Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

How many times did you have the following conversation? You 're trying to convince someone to do something, and they say, "No, I don't like that." You ask them how many times they did that thing, and they eventually admit that they never did it, but they still maintain that they know they wouldn't like it. That's how many of us behave when it comes to food, especially healthy food.

The bare fact about eating healthy is that it involves expanding your range a little. Many of us are going to be sore about trying a new food because we like what we're used to.
The things we've been eating for years have been new to us once, too, and the issue is one of being set in our ways. If you try something new every once in a while, you can become better acquainted with the variety and choose the new things that you really like.

There's no point in banging your head against a brick wall trying to develop a taste for something you don't like. But you're never going to know if you like anything until you actually try it. This is especially true of international cuisine. It might look different, but millions of people eat it regularly, so it can hardly be poisonous. Taking a leap of faith and trying a different food is not going to be the death of you, so why not try something different once a week and surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it?


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